Course Syllabus

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Office: 324 Education Building
Office Hours Tuesday 2:00 - 5:00 and by appointment.
Office Telephone: (909) 537-7630

Course Policies

Students in this course may use software and other resources including publicly available, commercial, and/or supported by advertising. Neither the University nor the instructor has any control over these technologies or the people who use them. Accordingly students may be exposed to advertising and/or inappropriate language/behavior that are not a part of the course design. Students are advised to use their own judgment during their use of such technologies.

This course is interactive in nature. Attendance at all class sessions and engaged participation in the activities is expected and necessary to the success of the class. Please plan to attend all sessions. If you are going to be significantly late arriving for, or absent from a session it is your responsibility to notify the instructor as soon as possible. Upon arriving at the class session please ensure that cell phones, pagers and other possible distractions are off.

Students are expected to do their own work and adhere to all University policies including those related to academic honesty and plagiarism as explained in the University catalog.

Students are expected to submit all assignments on or before the due date. A significant late penalty will be applied to any work turned in late.


Course Evaluation Plan

  1. Assignment 1 - 50 Points
  2. Scholars will conduct a survey of software in their educational institution (if none, use the ETEC computer labs in University Hall) and conduct an interview or focus group with educators about the types of tasks for which computers are used. A report will be written based on the survey and interview/focus group.

  3. Assignment 2- 50 Points
    Scholars will conduct a search for open source software and will compile a list of possible replacements for software identified in the previous assignment.

  4. Total = 100 Points

    95% to 100% = A
    90% to 94% = A-
    87% to 89% = B+
    84% to 86% = B
    80% to 83% = B-
    77% to 79% = C+
    74% to 76% = C
    70% to 73% = C-
    67% to 69% = D+
    64% to 66% = D
    60% to 63% = D-
    Below 60% = F