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Session 3: Searching for Open Source Software

Instructor: Brian Newberry
Phone (909) 537-7630

Goal: To locate open source software that might be used in classrooms.





Student-Content: Podcast.
Student-Instructor: Podcast, email, discussion forum.
Student-Student: Discussion forum.

Media and Links

Investigation Open Source (Podcast) (Word)

Software Survey Results (Excel)

Discussion Forum (Webpage)



1. Listen to podcast.

2. Review Software Survey Results

3. Discuss your ideas about software on the discussion forum.

4. Search for open source software alternatives.

5. Post your results on the discussion forum.

6. Develop a final list of software that might replace proprietary software.

7. Send your final list to Dr. Newberry.



You must search for and locate open source software alternatives to proprietary software identified in the software survey.

Your list must include the proprietary software name or task and the open source software being proposed as a possible replacement.

Your list must also include the URL where each open source software program you have located can be downloaded.

You may also list open source software that has no proprietary software title listed. Please indicate the task that the open source software might be able to accomplish.

You must email your software survey to Dr. Newberry



The software search is worth up to 50 points for a comprehensive search for open source software alternatives. A complete submission will include a list of search terms, search sources, and many possible software alternatives.

Please note that you do not have to be sure that the open source software alternative you are proposing will work! This is only an initial search to find possibilities.