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Session 2: Investigating Open Source, Software Survey

Instructor: Brian Newberry
Phone (909) 537-7630

Goal: Background on the investigation of open source and the software survey.





Student-Content: Podcast.
Student-Instructor: Podcast, email, discussion forum.
Student-Student: Discussion forum.

Media and Links

Investigation Open Source (Podcast) (Word)

Software Survey (Excel)

Discussion Forum (Webpage)



1. Listen to podcast.

2. Use the Software Survey form to conduct a software survey in your school.

3. Discuss your findings on the discussion forum.

4. Post your survey to your website (optional but recommended)

5. Interview 3 teachers at your school to find out how their computers are used.

6. Write a report on your findings.

7. Post your interview report (be sure to eliminate any identifying information) on your website (optional but recommended).

8. Discuss your findings on the discussion forum.

9. Send your survey and your interview report to Dr. Newberry



You must conduct the software survey across three computers in your school.

You must use the Software Survey format provided.

You must discuss your findings on the discussion forum.

You must email your software survey to Dr. Newberry



The software survey/ interview is worth up to 50 points for a complete survey of at least three different computers and an interview report of at least three people. The survey  and the report needs to follow the guidelines given in the podcast. Results that show effort and care receive more points that those that are not well done.