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Session 1: Orientation and Overview

Instructor: Brian Newberry
Phone (909) 537-7630

Goal: Course Orientation, Forum Account Registration and an Overview of the Topic





Student-Content: Video Orientation, Podcast, Online Readings.
Student-Instructor: Email, Discussion Forum.
Student-Student: Blogs, Discussion Forum.

Media and Links

Orientation (QuickTime Movie) (Player Download)

Establishing your Timeline (Podcast) (Word)

Discussion Forum (Webpage)


1. View orientation video.

2. Listen to Establishing your Timeline podcast.

3. Develop your timeline and email it to Dr. Newberry.

4. Register for discussion forum account and introduce yourself on the forum.



You must develop a timeline and email it to Dr. Newberry. You must register for a discussion forum account and create a post to introduce yourself to the rest of the class participants.



The timeline is worth up to 10 points based on including all of the required milestones discussed in the podcast.

The first discussion forum post is worth up to 10 points for being on time and for providing basic information about yourself.