All students in the ETEC program are required to establish an online (web-based) portfolio. This process is started in ETEC 500 which is a prerequisite for all ETEC program courses. See an example here. Useful tools and rules here.

If you haven't yet established your web-based portfolio here is a quick tutorial to get you started.

Step 1:

Establish an account with a webspace provider. There are many to choose from. Do a search to find one that meets your needs. Here is what to look for:

Unlimited Web Space

Unlimited Bandwidth

Email Accounts

Free Domain Name

Live Technical Support

Currently you can find these features for less than $10.00 per month if you sign up for one or more years of service. I use Hostmonster, but don't take that as an endorsement for this service. Do your own research.

During the process of establishing a webspace account you will have a chance to select a domain name. For example I have the domain You may be able to get your name or some variation of your name, but you don't have to. Choose a domain name that is meaningful to you.


Step 2:

Use a site builder (often included in a web hosting account), or your HTML skills, or a web editor such as Seamonkey etc. to create your portfolio. Use the example here as a starting point. I recommend that you have the following main categories:

Home - The "front page" of your website. Put your picture here along with an introduction and useful links.

Foundation - This page should include a written description of your current understanding of the history and foundations of educational technology.

Design - This page should include a written description of your ideas on instructional and other types of design.

Research - This is the page where you should post a description of your knowledge of research in our field. This is a great place to keep links to online journals that you will use in the research projects in the program.

Technology - This is where you post information about your expanding ability to use technology. List your experiences, create a learning plan and maybe create a list of links where you go to find help on using technologies.

Step 3:

Create a folder or directory on your website called "classes" or "classwork" etc. This is where you will create a space to host all of the work you do in each class you take in the ETEC program. You don't have to link this folder to anything, just use it as a storage space. If you need to share anything in it with an instructor just send them the link!

Step 4:

Create a separate folder for every class you take in your "classes" or "classwork" folder. This will help organize this directory.

Step 5:

Keep your portfolio updated!