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Session 7: ADA Requirements

Instructor: Brian Newberry
Phone (909) 537-7630

Goal: To increase awareness of ADA requirements for eLearning and begin investigating technologies and methods for addressing ADA requirements.





Student-Content: PowerPoint
Student-Instructor: Email, Blogs
Student-Student: Blogs

Media and Links

ADA (PowerPoint) (PowerPoint - High Contrast)

ADA Assignment (Word)

Blog List (Webpage)



1. Download and view the ADA PowerPoint.

2. Download and view the ADA Assignment file.

3. Conduct an eLearning page ADA review.

4. List two ways of developing/delivering instructor created presentations and explain ADA compliance measures.

5. Or, caption a video or slide show. (Note: This is an OPTIONAL alternative assignment.)



You must present the results of your eLearning page ADA review and your discussion of ADA compliance steps or procedures for two presentation modes. Or you may complete the optional task of captioning a video. Note: Captioning a video is a technically demanding task recommended for proficient and advanced technology users or individuals with the type of dogged determinism required to reach the North Pole by dogsled.



Each blog post is worth up to 10 points according to the following:

10 points: Post is made before required deadline, is well written, and appropriately addresses any topics raised by the instructor or discovered through your own investigation of course-related topics, response may include the use of graphics, images and/or links to information related to the topics of the course that bring quality content into the course environment.

8 - 9 points: Post is made before required deadline, is well written and adequately addresses any topics raised by the instructor or your own investigation into course-related topics.

0 - 7 points: Post is made late and/or the post is poorly written or inadequately addresses course related topics.