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Session 7: Review, Analysis, Synthesis

Instructor: Brian Newberry
Phone (909) 537-7630


Goal: To engage in thinking about STEM education from the large perspective of American Education and stated needs for STEM as well as from a personal perspective.




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Review, Analysis, Synthesis Assignment (Word)



1. Select a Book – Have it approved by Dr. Newberry

2. Create a Book Review

3. Select an Essential Idea

4. Develop Analysis of Schooling

5. Develop Synthesis

6. Develop Personal Connection

7. Produce References List



You must select a book that deals with issues that relate to fundamental aspects of learning or schooling. You must produce a review of that book using the supplied book review format (2 pages). You must develop a written analysis of some aspect of schooling/learning related to your chosen fundamental idea (2-3 pages). You must develop a written synthesis of how the education system, or some aspect of the education system would look in response to your ideas from the analysis (2-3 pages). You must develop a written description of how your career path is influenced by or impacted by your ideas and what you need to do to better prepare yourself to be a part of such a change (2-3 pages). You must include a list of references cited (minimum of 5 references including the book).



Up to 20 Points for Quality - (Writing Mechanics, Flow, Structure, Presentation, Style, Imagination, etc.).

Up to 30 Points for Responsiveness to Requirements (Book Review, Current Education Analysis, Synthesis Plan, Career Path Discussion, Reference List).

For a combined maximum total of 50 points for the assignment.