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Session 5: Nature of Engineering

Instructor: Brian Newberry
Phone (909) 537-7630

Goal: To explore the nature of engineering as it relates to STEM and STEM education.





Student-Content: Video, Readings
Student-Instructor: Email
Student-Student: Discussion

Media and Links

The Knack: (YouTube Video) Just for fun with my apologies to engineers!

What is engineering? (YouTube Video)

Changing Nature of Engineering (Webpage)

Guest Speaker (Talkshoe)

Nature of Engineering Discussion (Blackboard)



1. View the engineering videos.

2. Read the Changing Nature of Engineering.

3. Engage in the guest speaker session.

4. Post responses to the questions in the Blackboard discussion.



You must post in the discussion forum at least 5 times during the week.


Up to 2 points per post based on the following criteria:

To be counted, a post must directly (and accurately) answer a question posted by the instructor, raise another relevant question for others to answer, add information (links etc.) related to the topic, or create a post that extends the topical conversation.

At least 2 posts must be made before Midnight on Thursday.