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Session 2: Portfolio

Instructor: Brian Newberry
Phone (909) 537-7630

Goal: To establish an eFolio account.




In this session  you will establish an account in the eFolio system. This system is where you will post materials you create in this class for future use as well as for review by the instructor.


Student-Content: Various Online Resources
Student-Instructor: Email
Student-Student: Email

Media and Links

eFolio (Website)

Using The eFolio System (YouTube Video)

Building The eFolio (YouTube Video)

Adding Basic Content To The eFolio (YouTube Video)

Uploading Files To The eFolio (YouTube Video)

Upload Images To The eFolio (YouTube Video)

Sharing Your eFolio (Wepage)

eFolio Resource Guide (Website)



1. View the eFolio videos.

2. Use the sign up code that was sent to you via email to create your own eFolio account.

3. Create a basic set of menus for your eFolio (hint, look at Dr. Newberry's site for an example).

4. Add basic content including an introductory message to your welcome page.

5. Upload a Microsoft Word file to your eFolio and place it on the ESTM coursework page of your eFolio.

6. Upload a digital picture to your eFolio and place it on the introduction page of your eFolio.

7. Share your eFolio either by making it public or following the directions provided above to allow Dr. Newberry to view your eFolio.



You must create an eFolio account. Your eFolio must include at minimum an introduction page and a page where you will post work from ESTM 510. You must authorize Dr. Newberry to view your eFolio.



Your eFolio task is worth up to 30 points based on the following:

5 points for successful establishment of the eFolio account.

5 points for including an introductory message on your introduction page.

5 points for including an image on your introduction page.

5 points for uploading a Microsoft Word file and linking it to your ESTM 510 page.

10 points for successfully creating the necessary permission that allows Dr. Newberry to view your eFolio.