Session 10: Peer Review

Instructor: Brian Newberry
Phone (909) 537-7630


Goal: Setting Up The eFolio Review Process and Participating in Peer Reviews of Projects




Student-Content: Projects, Tutorials
Student-Instructor: Email, eFolio
Student-Student: Email, eFolio

Media and Links

Instructor Provided eFolio Tutorials (Webpage)

Tutorial On eFolio Feedback - eFolio Provided (PDF)

Peer Review Format Suggestion (Word)



1. Upload Review, Analysis, Synthesis Project To Your eFolio As a Single File

2. Use Tutorial To Set Up Review Process For Your File

3. Share Your Review, Analysis, Synthesis Project With Your Reviewers

4. Review Other Student Projects

5. Respond To Reviews By Modifying Your Final Project

6. Upload Revised Project

7. Send URL of Revised Project to Instructor via Email

8. Send Copies of Reviews You Do to Dr. Newberry Via Email


You must upload your Review, Analysis, Synthesis project to your eFolio. You must share your project with at least three other students. You must review at least three other projects. You must make revisions in your final project based on the reviews your receive.

You must send the URL of your revised project to the instructor via email along with a description of the changes you made based on the review and a brief discussion of the review process. Your email must also include relevant information about the three reviews you conducted to document that you have completed at least three reviews.



5 Points for correctly setting up the review process on eFolio world.

1 Point (up to 3) for each review you do.

2 Points for Changes in your final project based on reviews as documented in the email sent to the instructor.