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Session 1: Course Introduction and Orientation

Instructor: Brian Newberry
Phone (909) 537-7630

Goal: Course orientation, establish blogs, background on STEM and STEM education.


In this session  you will be orienting yourself to this online course. This involves learning about how the course is organized, learning how you will interact with the course materials and others in the class and reviewing the course syllabus.




Media and Links

Orientation (Quicktime Movie)

Introduction to STEM (PowerPoint)

What is STEM Education? (PDF) Requires Free Registration

Prepare and Inspire (PDF)

Gathering Above the Rising Storm (PDF)

Talkshoe (Website)

Session 1 Questions (Webpage)



1. If you haven't already done so please go through the "Getting Started" presentation.

2. Locate and review the course syllabus.

3. Review the Introduction to STEM PowerPoint.

4. Read What is STEM Education.

5. Review Prepare and Inspire.

6. Review Gathering Above the Rising Storm.

7. Establish a Talkshoe account.

8. Log into Talkshoe for the synchronous session (date on schedule page).

9. Respond to the Session 1 Questions.

10. Send your responses to Dr. Newberry



You must review all required materials and be prepared to discuss these topics in the synchronous session.  You must respond to the Session 1 Questions and send your response to Dr. Newberry in an email.


Participation in the discussion is worth up to 10 points based on being in the session, asking appropriate questions and providing appropriate responses.